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Kim-Dande Stormgirl

Our foundation mare, and one who holds a very special place in our hearts.  In her ten years with us, Blondie left an indelible mark on our breeding programme when she produced our resident stallion Ablue Moon Rising, and appears in the pedigrees of most of the ponies we have bred, including three of our four homebred mares.  We also retained her daughter, Ablue Moon Shining, the only full sibling to Ablue Moon Rising (both by S K Shakla Khan) and the only filly Blondie produced for us.  Blondie now has an excellent home with Despina Mitrakas, where she is lending her genetic strength to the next generation of Dressage ponies.


Peaches n Cream

Purchased as a yearling in 2007, Peaches spent over a decade as one of our premier show and broodmares.  A mare of outstanding beauty and the sweetest nature, her show ring accolades included Championships at the Royal Melbourne Horse Show and Victorian Arabian Championships, as well as Reserve Champion at the Australian National Championships.  Peaches produced five foals for us, and we retained two of her beautiful daughters, Ablue Moon’s Milk n Honey (by S K Shakla Khan) and Ablue Moon’s Ex’s n Oh’s (by Ablue Moon Rising).  Peaches left Ablue Moon in 2018, and now has a wonderful home with Amy Bell.


La Vie En Rose (dec.)

Joining our ranks in 2007, Rose was a cherished member of our family whose huge black eyes were beyond compare.  She was the first mare ever bred to Ablue Moon Rising, and produced the exquisite palomino mare Ablue Moon’s Bed of Roses, who we have retained.  Rose produced four foals for us – all of them are Champions, and inherited their dam’s sweet and inquisitive temperament. Rose was laid peacefully to rest in late 2017, is buried on the farm alongside her gelding boyfriend Jack, and is very dearly missed.