In our time on ‘the farm’, we have transformed this property from a house and a shed and a bare paddock into what it is today.   It is still a work in progress, but nearing completion.

In some of our photos, you may notice blue signs with various names on them.  Each of our paddocks is named after a beloved pet (past or present) – e.g. ‘Cujo’ was our little terrier, ‘Lollypop’ is our current poodle, ‘Zing’ is self explanatory!

Early morning and a touch of mist at Ablue Moon

This handsome fellow sits on our outdoor setting.

This handsome fellow sits on our outdoor setting.

Based on a dual laneway system, our property is divided into nineteen paddocks, many of which are double fenced and cornerless, and all of which are visible from the homestead.  Extensive windbreaks have been established to provide protection from the elements, and most paddocks are serviced by reticulated water.

Our primary (larger) laneway, leading to our six largest paddocks.

Our secondary (smaller) laneway, joining the day yards/foaling paddocks/menage to the primary laneway.

The farm  is further  complemented by  a 40m x 20m post and rail menage which is connected to four post and rail day-yards and a roundyard.  The roundyard adjoins a 60m x 20m Dressage schooling area.  An additional two post and rail day yards feature expansive WIWO boxes.  All yards and the menage are constructed with oval steel horse rails.  We also have three beautiful timber stables, each with Preifert rubber flooring, adjustable rails and one removable wall.  Our fully-equipped tack room offers ample cupboard and bench space, with a washing machine for horse rug convenience.


Ablue Moon in El Dorado enjoys his dinner in the stables.

Ablue Moon in El Dorado enjoys his dinner in the stables.

Ready and waiting...our mare and foal box.

Ready and waiting…our mare and foal box.

Our property has undergone extensive pasture improvement, and we have cut top-quality oaten hay in multiple years.  Regular rotation, harrowing, topping and spraying also assists in maintaining wonderful, healthy pasture, and keeping parasites and weeds under control.

One of our front paddocks

A paddock adjoining our driveway

Views to the dam, over one of our front paddocks

Our paddocks have been built so that ‘priority paddocks’ (foaling etc.) are situated closest to the house.  We can see all our foal paddocks from the kitchen and/or living room.  Our foaling/presentation paddock features three timber rails, to prevent any accidental escapes.  All foal paddocks are predominantly fenced with timber post and rail to reduce the risk of injury, and are adjacent to one another.

Our foaling/presentation paddock

Another foal paddock

The view from our kitchen window over the foal paddock

Our post and wire fences are all constructed with four plain wires, and start high off the ground in an effort to avoid any ‘trapped’ legs or injuries.  Wires run through the posts (as opposed to against the posts) to minimise the use of staples.  The first and third wires are run through insultube, so that we have the option of electrifying them at any point.

A view over some post and wire paddocks with post and rail windbreaks

View from the patio over the laneway junction and post and wire paddocks

Paddocks and primary laneway, with our views across the bay just visible in the background

Pasture improvement, maintenance, parasite control, safety consciousness and careful design all contribute to the whole that is Ablue Moon.  All our facilities have been designed and established with the ponies’ welfare at the forefront of our minds, and the farm is just another aspect of our commitment to producing healthy, happy Arabian Ponies.

Ablue Moon’s Redioactive enjoys her first day of turnout in one of our large paddocks

Peaches n Cream and Ablue Moon’s Capt n America in one of the foal paddocks – the straw is laid down as an optional foaling spot for broodmares

Kim-Dande Stormgirl foaling Ablue Moon’s Heir Force One in the peaceful safety of a foal paddock