The following testimonials are responses from people who have purchased ponies from us.    We have only edited minor spelling and grammatical errors, which have not altered the content or meaning.

      From Sonya, of Victoria (2015)..."The first time I saw Nee Nee (Ablue Moon's Ninja Rogers), it was love at first sight.  My daughter Kayla had been a huge fan of the Ablue Moon ponies for a while, and to own one was on her 'wish list'.  When Kayla saw Nee advertised for sale we fell instantly in love with her gorgeous little face, and so we booked to go and visit her straight away.
      Meeting with Dee and Nicola for the first time made it easy to see why Ablue Moon had such a good reputation - we were instantly made to feel at home.  When we were taken to meet the special little girl that we had gone to see, we were immediately taken with how confident Nee Nee was (at such a young age), and as we knelt down to say hello she came up to greet us with a sniff.  She was divine, and I was in love - I straightaway wanted to take her home.
      I was pleasantly surprised when I said to Dee and Nic 'yes, we would love to have her come home with us,' that they stopped me to say that they would first like to ask us a few questions.  In essence, Dee and Nic wanted to see whether or not we would be a potentially good home for Nee, and whether she would be suitable for us.  It was refreshing to meet breeders who were so interested in the potential new family of one of their charges.  I am glad to say that we passed the 'interview' and were found to be an acceptable adoptive family for little Nee Nee, who would come to live with us once she was weaned.
      Dee and Nicola kept us up to date with emails and photos of Nee's progress all through the weaning process, and when it was time for her to come home with us we were amazed at how confident she was, and how easy she was to handle and do everything with.  From rugging to tying up, nothing fazes her, and she is indeed a delight to own.
      We think Nee Nee has a bright future ahead of her, and Dee and Nicola have been amazing in helping us to plan this out too.  We are so very glad to be part of the extended Ablue Moon family, and hope that one day we may be lucky enough to add another Ablue Moon addition to our little herd.
      We would have no hesitation in recommending Ablue Moon to anyone looking to purchase an outstanding pony to join their family.  Thank you, ladies, for trusting us with this precious little bundle.

      From Sharyn, of Victoria (who purchased sight unseen) (2015)..."I purchased 'Jimmy' (Ablue Moon's James Blond) as a future sire, sight unseen, when he was only two weeks old.  Having purchased a pony from Dee and Nicola in the past, I totally trusted everything they told me regarding his conformation and temperament, and knew that all the information they provided would be honest and correct.

      I was always welcome to go and visit Jimmy at any time, and received regular updates regarding his worming, trimming and handling.  Once Jimmy was weaned, Dee and Nicola delivered him for professional halter training, and collected him for us while we were away on holiday.  They felt that Jimmy would benefit from additional handling, and kept him in show preparation (at no cost to me) for an additional six weeks.  When I picked him up he was everything Dee and Nicola said he would be - not only is he a very special pony, he was beautifully presented and beautifully handled.  We took him to his first show the following day and he was foot-perfect, behaving, showing and travelling like a dream.

      I would be more than happy to return to Ablue Moon to purchase another pony or two - they are lovely ponies, and of true Arabian Pony type.  Dee and Nicola are not only extremely professional, they are also very supportive, and we have developed a wonderful friendship which is very important to me.
      Thanks again Dee and Nic for our precious new colt.  He has fulfilled all my expectations, and I am so excited to have him.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ablue Moon to anyone looking for a top quality pony." 

      From Despina, of Victoria (2015)...
"After admiring these ponies for so long, I am so proud to be the owner of my very own Ablue Moon pony.  I'd been looking to increase the quantity of Arabian blood in my breeding program, and had always swooned over Ablue Moon's Bed of Roses, so when the opportunity came up to purchase her full sibling I jumped at the chance!
      I fell in love with 'Daisy' (Ablue Moon's Starlet O'Hara) the first time I met her - her gorgeous petite head, flashy movement, and beautiful soft nature.  From then on I was kept informed about her progress - from worming, trimming and vaccinations to weaning and handling, Dee and Nicola have bent over backwards to ensure that she had the very best of care. 
      Dee and Nicola knew my intention was to take Daisy to the Arabian foal shows in May, and with that in mind they ensured that her condition was perfect before delivering her for professional halter training.  Daisy exceeded my expectations, handling her first show (as a weanling) exceptionally well, coming away with four Championships and leaving me with tears of joy.
       I went home with a beautifully conditioned, fully handled filly with the most divine nature.  I am so grateful to Dee and Nicola for allowing me to purchase Daisy - she is already a treasured member of our family." 

      From Margot, of New South Wales (who purchased sight unseen) (2014)..."For the past four years I have been the owner of Aratahnes Arabians, a stud which has been producing dilute Arabian derivatives for over thirty years.  When I took over the stud, I was blessed to secure a number of the beautiful Aratahnes mares, but quickly saw the need to expand the bloodlines of my broodmare band.  Cautious of purchasing inferior stock, and with a particular type in mind (an Arabian bred female of immense beauty with correct conformation), I was lucky the opportunity arose to register my interest in the 2013 foal of Ablue Moon Rising and Peaches n Cream.  Both of these individuals possess the greatest Arabian derivative beauty - they ooze type, and my study of their previous offspring proved that they bred on.
      The resulting foal, Ablue Moon's Break n Hearts, is all that I had wished for.  She is delicately feminine, obviously Arabian, astoundingly beautiful and abounds in 'bling'.  Perhaps best of all, 'Sugar' (as she is generally known) has the most endearing, people-loving temperament of any pony I have encountered in my thirty years of horse ownership.
      I must also remark on the professionalism of the Ablue Moon team.  The lovely photos, regular updates and the love and care they lavish on their ponies enabled me to be confident that my Sugar was in the best possible hands at all times.
      Sugar has now come home with me, and I look forward to seeing where her life journey takes her.  Right now, however, I am so enjoying her mischievous ways that I am loathe to part with her for even one day.  On a farm which abounds with beautiful Arabians, she is still a stand out, attracting attention and praise from all who see her.
      I wish to sincerely thank Ablue Moon Arabian Ponies for the opportunity to acquire this magical filly,and cannot recommend Dee and Nicola highly enough if you are considering purchasing your next Arabian soul mate."

      From Carmel, of Queensland (who purchased sight unseen) (2014)..."I remember the day I first laid eyes on Elmo - I saw some baby photos of him and fell in love.  He was the Arabian Pony colt I'd been seeking for a very long time.  I had made contact with Dee Kelly a few months earlier about using Ablue Moon Rising, but had missed out as Zing's book was already full.  I called that afternoon and, before I knew it, Ablue Moon's Altissimo was a part of the Wayfield Lodge family.  We could not have been happier!
     We decided that Elmo would stay in Victoria at Ablue Moon Arabian Ponies after he was weaned, and be prepared and campaigned at some shows there before coming to Queensland.  He has had a hugely successful first season in the showring, including East Coast and State Champion awards.  I don't think I have ever encountered more dedicated or professional people than Dee or Nicola.  I was constantly updated and informed about everything that was happening with Elmo, whether by text, phone, email or facebook.  I just loved it when I'd come home from work to find a beautiful photo of my precious boy waiting for me in my inbox.
     I will never forget the first time I saw Elmo in the flesh.  He melted my heart completely and I couldn't stop cuddling him.  Elmo was the first horse we'd purchased sight unseen, as my work commitments prevented me from flying down to see him.  However, I trusted Dee and Nicola completely and knew I was making the right decision.  He was in beautiful show condition, extremely friendly and behaved perfectly for the duration of the show, despite his twelve hour solo trip and being boxed for several days.  At the conclusion of East Coast he loaded like a dream and floated another twelve hours home without putting a toe out of line.  Dee and Nicola gave me a folder at the show, containing all the details of his diet, routine, vaccination records, training and show career, along with his prizes and ribbons.
     I believe we have not only gained a beautiful pony, but have also made wonderful friends.  We are all looking forward to Elmo's future and to sharing him with everyone.  Our experience with Ablue Moon is, I feel, summed up by the quote 'every nice friend is a gift from God.  It is one of life's best blessings, a priceless gift that can never be bought, sold or forgotten'."

      From Sharyn, of Victoria (2013)..."I would like to thank Dee and Nicola for allowing me to purchase my dear little Arabian Pony colt Ablue Moon's Avant-Garde (Huey) at the tender age of three weeks.  We collected Huey from Ablue Moon and travelled him home shortly after his weaning.  He was in lovely winter condition, walked straight onto the float, and didn't move all the way home.  He has settled in beautifully and is handled and rugged etc. by our young son, which testifies to his previous handling and his delightful temperament. 
       Huey is an absolute pleasure to do anything with.  He is so quiet and friendly, and is everything Dee and Nicola said he would be.  He stands tied to the float at shows as though he's done it for years and people are amazed at how quiet and well-behaved he is - particularly for a young colt.
       Purchasing from Ablue Moon Arabian Ponies was an absolute pleasure and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality, well-handled pony that has had the best start in life.  Dee and Nicola are also very supportive and helpful and will do their very best to ensure that you get the most out of your little equine friend."

       From Shannon, of NSW (who purchased sight unseen) (2013)..."Dee and Nicola of Ablue Moon Arabian Ponies made my purchase of my new broodmare so smooth.  Their honesty and communication made me feel comfortable enough that I even purchased Cleo sight unseen.
      I knew exactly what I was purchasing - they sent me recent photos, nothing was ever hidden and every piece of information is backed up in writing for future reference.  They are easily contacted and always respond to email and phone messages.
      Cleo arrived safely on transport that Dee had also helped me arrange.  When she walked off the truck, she was exactly as they had explained; happy, healthy and in immaculate condition.
      I would not hesitate to purchase another pony from Ablue Moon - I am one very happy client.  Thank you Dee and Nicola for your great service and an easy transaction."

       From the Vallender Family, of NSW (who purchased sight unseen) (2012)..."We write to express our genuine happiness and excitement  over the recent addition to our family, Ablue Moon Pianissimo (Bling).   The meticulous detail and effort that has  gone into the breeding and education of your ponies was evident the minute Bling arrived at our home.   Purchasing him sight unseen, we sincerely appreciate your efforts to ensure that he was the right fit for our family and that we had all the information we needed to prepare for his arrival.   Bling continues to exceed all our expectations with every day that passes.   A week after arriving, and in true show-stopping style, Bling brought home two Champion sashes at his first show with us and behaved impeccably, taking everything in  his  stride.   This  testifies to the positive experiences you have obviously given him.   In acquiring such a  faultless pony, with the perfect temperament and looks to match, we are eager to uphold the standards you have set and we look forward to the successes and happy times  to come with this special little man!
          Rest assured that we will be first in line to secure another Ablue Moon Arabian Pony when the time is right, and know that we will  be watching with excitement as your little ones arrive in the future.   Dee and Nicola, we are so lucky to have found you!   A huge thank you from the Vallender family.  

          From Andrew, of NSW (2012)..."I have bought and sold horses professionally for clients and myself, and have never met two people so proud of and loving to their horses.   Dee and Nicola were so lovely to deal with, talk to, et cetera, and I thank them for allowing me the privilege of purchasing Ablue Moon's TNT.   'Freddy' arrived in NSW safe, sound and very happy.   He has settled in beautifully and his ground manners are absolutely impeccable, though I expected no less from these two lovely ladies.   He has already established himself in our hearts, and my family loves him to bits.   Playtime with Freddy is such an enjoyable time, as it gives me the opportunity to relax and have a bit of fun (and I must say that the Socceroos selection squad had better keep an eye on this one, as his soccer ball can go flying)!   Again, I would like to thank Dee and Nic for the opportunity to buy this lovely colt and can recommend them to anyone looking for a quality pony.   Their horses are just ama'Zing'!"      

          From Kerri, of Victoria (2011)..."I recently purchased 'Lucky' from Dee and Nicola and have to say  that it was such a pleasure.   This little 'princess'  won my heart some time ago and   I was so excited when she came up for sale. Dee and Nicola could not have been more helpful - they are both very professional and go above and beyond what is expected to assist you.   They are so compassionate towards their  horses, and it shows.   When I arrived to collect Lucky, she was clean, trimmed and ready for the show ring.   I really  think that she was meant for me, and I love her to bits.   I truly recommend Ablue Moon Arabian Ponies to anyone looking for that special, quality  pony.   A huge thank you to both of you for your honest, reliable service. I have a very special girl and look forward to our future together."

              From Renae, of NSW (who purchased sight unseen) (2011)..."When I made the long-thought-out decision to obtain a cremello colt, I was thrilled to  find exactly what I wanted for  sale at Ablue Moon.   However, I was faced with the fact that, due to family commitments, I must buy sight unseen.
              Dee and Nicola were extremely professional and  accommodating right from the start.   They communicated with  me at great length, via both detailed email and forthright telephone conversations about the horse's conformation and personality.   They made sure that they answered all of my questions and provided me with very  professional photos that allowed me to make an accurate assessment of the colt, Afterglow at Ardiel.   I was given every detail to make me feel comfortable and secure about my purchase, so much so that I chose to approach Dee and  proceed with my purchase of  his dam, Amaranda Amanda Jones.
              When the pair arrived they were professionally presented and looked as though they had just stepped out of one of Ablue Moon's wonderful photos.   They were exactly as I was told they would be, right down to the ground.   I felt as if I already knew them!   If in any way the horses were not exactly as Dee had told me they  would be, it was only because to me, they were even better."

              From Peita & Sylvia, of Victoria (2010)..."I would like  to thank Dee and Nicola for their kindness and honesty  with our recent purchase of our 'princess pony', Curly.   Their hospitality was wonderful and their ponies absolutely divine.   I highly recommend them to anyone searching for a pony of top quality - not only will you find the pony of your dreams, but  you will come away with friends who are genuinely concerned about the homes in which they place them.    When Curly came home to us there were no surprises, we knew exactly what to expect.   She arrived at our place in lovely condition, washed and groomed to perfection."  

              From Lisa, of Victoria (2010)..."I am the very proud new owner of Ablue Moon in El Dorado.    'Eddy' is an oil painting in my paddock at home and I have wasted many hours staring at him when I should have been taking care of home duties.   My family will have to get used to taking second place on  the priority list!
              The whole experience of purchasing Eddy was like a dream come true.   Dee and Nicola truly care about the wellbeing of their horses and are very careful about selecting the right homes for them.   I was honoured to  be 'the chosen one' for Eddy, he is my dream come true and when I first saw him the word that sprang into my mind was "superstar"!    Eddy was kindly delivered to my home in Lara, he came off the float looking like a stunning showpiece, in gorgeous condition and was very well behaved.    Dee spent time with me and showed me how  Eddy had been trained so I could step off on the right foot with him.  
              To purchase a horse from Ablue Moon Arabian Ponies does not just mean you are purchasing a top-quality, wow factor horse that will blow you away, it  also means  you will  return home with lifelong friends in Dee and Nicola.   Their help and care is unsurpassed and words alone cannot express my gratitude for all they have done for me.
              Thank you so much, I feel like a twelve-year-old girl who has just bought her very first pony, a dream come true!"

              From Robyn, of Victoria (2010)..."My daughter and I recently purchased 'Fe' from  Ablue Moon Arabian Ponies.   I would like to thank  Dee and Nicola  for allowing us to take up so much of their time; on the day  when we first went to look at him, in subsequent visits and also on the day we collected him and brought him home with us.    Upon collection  he was beautifully clean and so well-presented that we could have taken him to a show that day.   Both Dee and Nicola were very professional and knowledgeable -  with a genuine desire to see that their horses to go to the right people.
          Since 'Fe' has come to live with us, he has proven to be just as Dee and Nicola said.   He is very friendly, beautifully mannered and a real pleasure to spend time with.   Thankyou so much for allowing Fe to come and live with us."

                 From Samantha, of Victoria (2009)..."I am glad to announce the purchase of my new baby boy, Ablue Moon Rendezvous.   He is a black buckskin, Arabian Pony/Part Welsh colt who should mature about 14hh.   I would really like to thank Dee and Nicola for letting me purchase him, he is really something special.     I promise I will cherish and look after him like my son.
                I would have taken any of their stock as each and every one of their animals ooze quality like no other.   I really was breathless when I saw them, and if I was really rich I would have bought them all! Oh, and their farm as well.
                I really look forward to getting Rendezvous out to the foal shows and to really doing the best I can together with him.   I recommend anyone looking for a quality animal to call Ablue Moon Arabian Ponies, as they only have one baby left and he is a real steal.   Thank you for the beautiful photo Dee; and thanks again Dee and Nicola."

Tracey, of Victoria (2009)... "I recently purchased  Ablue Moon's Virtuoso  (Dash), a beautiful Palomino Welsh A colt, sight unseen from Ablue Moon Arabian Ponies.  
I was looking for a top quality colt to join our stud, and  going only  on photos and  putting  my complete trust in Dee, I thought that he was the quality that I was looking for  -  he was PERFECT!!  
            Dash  was in beautiful condition, extremely well handled & well behaved. He walked straight into the float, like he had been doing it for years, and floated the 2 1/2 hours home like a dream.   When I picked him up, Dee spent a couple of hours with us, helping  us  both get to know each other and showing me some training methods that Dash had been taught. Thanks Dee, they have already been very beneficial.
            I found both Dee & Nicola to be extremely honest and genuine to deal with, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a quality, well handled, well mannered Horse or Pony.
            Thankyou Dee and Nicola for all your wonderful ongoing help and support, and a huge Thankyou for allowing Dash to come and live a long and happy life with us!!"

                "Being involved with horses for the past forty years, buying a horse "sight unseen" was a first time experience for me.   We have all heard of the 'sight unseen' purchase disasters and selling scams so I was very cautious.   However, I had no problems with Ablue Moon stud.   Dee and Nicola Kelly could not do more to assist me with my search for a 'special' dressage pony prospect.   There was never any pressure to purchase; it was always an honest concern to place their ponies in the correct home where the pony would be exactly what the new owner expected and the pony would be placed to achieve a happy and successful life.   It was a lucky hunch that led me to Ablue Moon and I would not hesitate to recommend this stud to anyone searching for their 'special' horse friend."

           Charlotte  of NSW (who purchased sight unseen)(2008) -   NCAS Level 2 Coach Educator, NSWDA Dressage Judge, EFA Technical Delegate, FEI Chief Steward

              From Sandy, of Queensland (who purchased sight unseen) (2008)... "I recently purchased a filly from Ablue Moon Stud, sight unseen, and I am pleased to say I am thrilled with her.   She is everything Dee said she would be, and I'd just like to say a big thank you to Dee and Ablue Moon Stud for being so completely honest.   I would gladly deal with them again.   Thanks Dee."

              From Deb, of South Australia (who purchased sight unseen) (2008)... "Charlie is everything Dee said he would be and more.   He was very well handled and has settled in beautifully.   Thankyou again for your hospitality.   Dealing with you has been a pleasure."

            From Kay, of Victoria (2008)..."I purchased   Ablue Moon is Red Hot   from Ablue Moon Arabian Ponies in February 2008.   I can honestly say that both Dee and Nicola were an absolute pleasure to deal with.    Chilli was ready to come home to me in June after she was weaned.     She is a well adjusted and well handled weanling, correctly fed   since birth.   If you are looking for a quality pony then I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to take a look at Ablue Moon Arabian Pony Stud."

             From Tarryn, of Victoria (who purchased in-utero) (2007)... "I found Dee and Nicola  to be extremely professional, caring and knowledgeable.   It was a pleasure to purchase Ablue Moon  in Orbit   from them to compete with in endurance.   'Zeena' had been well-handled and is a well adjusted, friendly filly.   It was very reassuring to deal with people who are so open and honest and who place their horses in correct homes."

            From Nikki, of Victoria (who purchased sight unseen) (2007)... "I can highly recommend Dee and Ablue Moon ponies.   I have recently purchased Ablue Moonflower and she was everything they said she was down to a tee.   It is very good to have a person true and genuine to deal with.   In future I hope to deal with these people again."

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