Situated on 80 magnificent acres overlooking Port Phillip Bay, Ablue Moon is the premier Arabian Pony stud in Australia, and is fast developing an international reputation for excellence.  The stud is owned and operated by mother and daughter team Dee and Nicola Kelly.

We specialise in producing ponies of sound minds, sound bodies, and captivating beauty for women (and gentlemen) of all ages.  We prioritise safety, manageability and temperament, understand the desire for success, and place a heavy emphasis on our ideal pony in terms of type, colour and appeal.  Between us, we have over fifty years’ experience with horses, primarily Arabians, and are very well-supported in our endeavours by the non-horsey men of the family, who kindly provide labour and tech support.

Aerial Photo with thanks to Skyworks

Aerial Photo with thanks to Skyworks

Our Arabian Ponies are bred for the show and dressage arenas,  but have the potential to ‘achieve anything’.   Generally representing crosses between Arabian and Welsh lines, many are also Half-Arabians, with a registered Purebred Arabian parent.  These include the only three Arabian Ponies ever sired by the immortal S K Shakla Khan (imp.US/dec.), as well as the only derivative daughter of the beautiful Ibn Amir El Shaklan (dec.).


Dee with Australian Top Ten (5th of 14) Ablue Moon’s Bed of Roses and Nicola with Reserve Australian Champion Peaches n Cream (2nd of 14), competing side by side at the 2015 Australian National Arabian Championships. Photo with thanks to Andrew Thorek.

  Our resident stallion, Ablue Moon Rising, was born on the farm in 2006.  Unshown due to the Equine Influenza outbreak in 2007, and subsequently as a result of a broken nose and jaw in 2008, Zing’s outstanding progeny have represented their sire with success at the highest levels across the country.  Zing does not stand at public stud, but each year we offer a small number of his progeny to the most discerning homes.

Resident sire Ablue Moon Rising

Our small band of exquisite broodmares are arguably Australia’s most admired collection of Arabian Pony females.  With premium bloodlines, superb individual type and, in most cases, colour, these ladies are the framework of our specialised and exclusive breeding programme.  Those who have been shown have all been successful at the highest levels, with Australian National, AA-Class, Royal, State, Barastoc, and A-Class accolades between them, and the proven broodmares have all produced highly decorated progeny that have excelled on the national show circuit.

One of our superb broodmares, Reserve Australian Champion Peaches n Cream

One of our superb broodmares, Reserve Australian Champion Peaches n Cream

 The principle Arabian  bloodlines of our stock include El Shaklan and Nazeer (via Ansata Ibn Halima and Morafic), with Menai Silver Sand and Cherrington Sir Jason being our primary pony lines.  These bloodlines, combined with the exceptional individual quality of our stock,  have reliably crossed to produce foals of the highest calibre.  In terms of Arabian purity, our ponies range from 33% to 82%, and these high-percentage Arabian Ponies are supplemented by Purebred Arabian and Purebred Welsh stock.  Ponies owned and/or bred by the stud have been awarded Australian, East Coast, National, State, Royal, Barastoc, AA-Class, A-Class, Supreme & Multi-Championship titles in-hand.

2015 Australian National Champion Arabian Pony Filly, Ablue Moon's Stairway to Heaven. Bred, trained, prepared and shown by us.

2015 Australian National Champion Arabian Pony Filly, Ablue Moon’s Stairway to Heaven.
Bred, trained, prepared and shown by us.

Our stock are now commencing their saddle careers.  From limited outings to date, their results have already been exceptional.  Their achievements include National Supreme, Royal, State and Pony of the Year Championships in the  saddle ring, as well as wins and Championships in the Dressage arena.  We look forward to following their careers.

Ablue Moon’s Altissimo, owned by Carmel Barnfield, at his show debut under saddle – four Royal wins from four classes. Photo courtesy of Lisa Gordon.