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Please see below for details of our 2017 foals – a tremendous season, with four safe and healthy new arrivals!  We have one foal due in 2018, and eagerly anticipate his or her arrival.  If you would like to be added to the wait list, please complete the form on this page.

Ablue Moon’s Venus de Milo

Ablue Moon Rising x Bittersweet Symphony
Cremello Arabian Pony (58% purity) Filly, eligible Part Welsh, Part APSB, Dilute (NBS, Dilutes Australia), Section A Riding Pony, Saddle Pony, ASPR | Expected to mature 13.2-14hh
SCID clear, CA clear, LFS clear

We are beyond excited to welcome this truly special filly!  Tilly is the highest-percentage cremello Arabian Pony in the studbook, making her the only one of her kind in Australia, and possibly the world.  She has been many years in the making, and has certainly fulfilled our every expectation.  Supremely elegant and refined, she is full of sweetness and quiet grace, with superb scope, movement, and a simply beautiful face.

With two superb parents, and a pedigree that unites S K Shakla Khan and Cherrington Sir Jason with Ralvon Pilgrim and Baughurst William of Orange, she is destined for stardom as a show horse and future founder of her own dynasty.

Tilly’s Gallery

Ablue Moon’s Ex’s n Oh’s

Ablue Moon Rising x Peaches n Cream
Palomino Arabian Pony (58% purity) Filly, eligible Part Welsh, Dilute (APHA, Dilutes Australia), Section A Riding Pony
Expected to mature 13.2-14hh
SCID clear, CA clear, LFS clear

The type of foal that dreams are made of, Pixie possesses extraordinary Arabian type and flamboyance, with the most extreme head and lofty tail carriage.  These wonderful attributes are perfectly complemented by her fabulous body, overall balance, and intense dark gold colour.  With a triple cross to El Shaklan, and lines to Menai Silver Sand and Cherrington Sir Jason, she is a fitting representative of her superb pedigree.

Pixie is Peaches’ last foal for us, as well as the last from this mating, and we couldn’t be more delighted – the long-awaited palomino filly, and she is truly precious!

Pixie’s Gallery

Ablue Moon’s Buttercelli

Ablue Moon Rising x Glenview Silver Penny
Palomino Arabian Pony (33% purity) Colt, eligible Part Welsh, Dilute, Part APSB
Expected to mature 12-13hh

Our only colt of the season, ‘Franc’ is a young man of winning type and attitude.  With height, substance, beauty, charisma, and truly dynamic movement, we have no doubt that he is destined for an exciting career in-hand and under saddle.  His stellar pedigree includes S K Shakla Khan, Cherrington Sir Jason, and double crosses to Menai Silver Sand and Coed Coch Gwyndaf.

Franc has been SOLD to an exceptional home – thank you and congratulations to his new family for choosing this gorgeous boy!  We look forward to following what we are sure will be a wonderful and successful career, and have no doubt that this little man will bring you years of joy.

Franc’s Gallery

Ablue Moon’s Heaven’s D’or

Ablue Moon Rising x Glenview Silver Harmony
Palomino Arabian Pony (33% purity) Filly, eligible Part Welsh, Dilute, Section A Riding Pony, Part APSB
Expected to mature 12-13hh

Gold and superbly beautiful, Lucy is a granddaughter of S K Shakla Khan and Menai Silver Sand, and a full sister to Australian Champions Ablue Moon’s Stairway to Heaven and Ablue Moon’s James Blond and East Coast Champions Ablue Moon’s Altissimo, Ablue Moon’s Redioactive, and Ablue Moon’s Victoria Buckham.  This exquisite little princess is the last foal from this historic cross, as Harmony has now been retired, and is everything we could have wished for.

Lucy has been SOLD to a wonderful home – we sincerely congratulate her new owners on their acquisition of this precious little lady, and thank them for offering her such a happy future.  They have waited a long time for her arrival, and we wish them every happiness and success with their beautiful ‘Lucy’.

Gallery (coming soon)

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